Pattern Disruption & Steamrolling Gate Keepers

Alright, so we ended that last section with “nailing the greetings on calls,” and … this is crucial …

I mean, inside sales, outside sales … doesn’t matter. It all starts with a phone call … or at least with leads you get from my team.

But there is a variation to this, and it’s when they identify themselves when they answer the phone, like …


Them: Hello, this is Dave?

In this instance, it STILL WORKS … to say: “Hi-yes, Dave?”

I mean, trust me, he’ll still say “Yes?” and fall right into the trap … BUT … it’s a little weird because he’s already said his name, so it seems like maybe you weren’t … paying attention and it can send off signals that trigger … cognitive dissonance … in Dave’s mind …

I mean, it still works, though … but … the other variation … what I do when this happens, and I’m prepared for it every time I make a call because it’s either gonna be A: they just say “hello?” without identifying themselves, which is the majority of the time … or it’s B: where they identify themselves

But anyways … it goes like this:


Them: “Hello, this is Dave?”

You: “DAVE! Hey! This is Tom, calling over from Wherever?” And I’m just calling to … (then the rest of the call).

Guys, seriously … That SPARK … of ENTHUSIASM is CONTAGIOUS … and at that point, you got’em hooked.

Does it mean they’ll be immediately ready to sign? Of course not!

But … from that point forward … they’ll be HAPPY TO BE SPEAKING WITH YOU instead of rushing you off the phone … which is what happens when you sound just like everyone else, like:

“Hi, my name is Thomas Hurley, calling from COMPANY… May I please speak with Mr. David Milo?”

Or …

“Hello, this is Thomas Hurley, calling from Wherever … Thank you so much for taking my call … How are you today?”

You hear stuff like this, and what does your brain start doing? … It starts racing for a reason to get off the phone!

Like … you’re not saying it, but when you hear normal greetings like this, you’re just, immediately thinking:


And you know what I’m talking about.

Plus, in an industry like ours, where it seems like hardly anyone has a direct line and you’re constantly dealing with Gate Keepers …

I mean, think about it … if you sound just like everyone else out there, then what do they do?

They SHUT YOU DOWN … because … it’s their job to keep intruders out AND that’s NOT … how people … who know each … other speak.

Get it? It’s not … in-the-familiar, like when you sound NORMAL, like everyone else out there … then you sound like a STRANGER, and Gate Keepers are just doing their jobs, really … I mean, it’s their job to keep the strangers OUT.

Meanwhile, say something simple like, “Hi-yes, Dave? Which is what’s known as a PATTERN DISRUPTOR

And they’re like, “Oh, no … you got Tom, let me put you through … and they just step out of the way. I’m not even kidding …

My team does this … all the time. We call it Steamrolling Gate Keepers.

Guys … this is some secret-weapon type stuff here …

Like think about it … people hear the same old greetings all the time, so they typically offer up almost … pre-programmed, blow-off responses, especially Gate keepers …

Where they’ll cover and say the person you’re calling for is … “In a meeting right now” or “Out of the office at the moment … may I take a message?” … and they’ll do this even if the person is STANDING RIGHT THERE

Here, I’ll show you a few examples:





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