Strategic Cave-persons

I’ve designed a few pretty simple worksheets for a couple different organizations now for their reps to use on calls. And of course the worksheet I designed is really more of a template, so you could design one like it that has a different format or flow to it, but there are some key advantages […]

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Strategic Preparation

When developing this course, I ran an experiment on myself. Check this out … I know this material like the back of my hand … And, what you’re getting in these … blocks of instruction … are really the tip of the iceberg … I mean, this stuff took me … literally years … of […]

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Shoveling Snow & Baling Hay

I always had a bit of an entrepreneurial mindset. I grew up in a really small town in Pennsylvania, and I played in band every year from 5th grade through graduation, and this means that we had to sell things to raise money for band trips. Every year, we went door-to-door and sold cheese and […]

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Lining up the Tumblers

  Alright, so we’re gonna review a few slides from earlier just to make sure we’re all up to speed with everything so far … Remember … neuroscientifically-speaking … there’s an ORDER of OPERATIONS … that our brains go through when we come across anything new … so … new information, new people … business, […]

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Avoiding the Hazards

  So last year, I helped the account management department with developing communication frameworks, so think of stuff like … contact and engagement strategies … structured welcome calls and talking points like … what to cover, what not to cover … um, stuff like that … And then regular … touchpoints for follow-up to ensure […]

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the Mindset

So … part’s only gonna be … 13 slides … … and my goal here … is that … by the time we get down to ZERO … is that you’ll be in either one of two mindsets … so you’re either gonna be … in … A … “this guy’s just … out of […]

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