Advanced Tonality

  Alright, so … I’ve never really been one to subscribe to the idea of, like … “positive energy” and being all optimistic and stuff … I mean, most people who know me know that I’m typically pretty quiet and reserved for the most part … but as I’ve studied more of this neuroscience stuff, […]

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Certainty and Trust

  Alright, you guys have seen this slide before … about the neuroscientific order of operations, so I’d like to walk you through a flow chart I created to really just … drive the point home. So, the primary concern when we come across anything new is … DO I FEEL SAFE? Remember, this is […]

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Real Rapport

“Look guys … I’m gonna admit something real quick … and I know this may sound bad at first … but … I … hate … people.” I don’t know if this is a “right” or “wrong” thing to say, but I’ve stood in front of groups during training and said this. And then I’d […]

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You now run a Roofing Company …

So, for a moment, let’s just … forget that you’re a [type of] company … and you’re now a … roofing company. It’s monsoon season in Phoenix, so lots of rain … which means, lots of business. And this is expected … it’s literally … business seasonality … get it? So, you guys receive lots […]

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I Threw my Phone on the Table

“Since we’ve been in here,” I said … to the person I was meeting with … “Your phone has gone off at least four times.” She was a little shocked, I could tell, but I wasn’t trying to attack her … I was just trying to make this point: When you consider how we are […]

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Argument with my Manager

I’d like to share a quick story about an argument I had with one of my managers at the university. Like I mentioned previously, we had a military division comprised primarily of veterans, and if anyone knows the value of rank structure and chain of command, it’s veterans. So, we’re arguing about some call coaching […]

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